Welcome to Montvale Elementary School!

Vision Statement

Montvale Elementary School, along with the community, will provide a safe learning environment that will nurture each student’s emotional, social, physical, and academic potential.

Mission Statement

Montvale Elementary students will be prepared for success in the twenty-first century by integrating technology, hands-on learning, and active involvement in the learning process.  Highly-qualified staff will design and implement the educational process addressing individual differences and focusing on the belief that all students are capable learners.  Parent and community participation will have an important role in this process.  All students will be educated in a safe and secure environment that promotes responsibility, manners, self-esteem, and communication.

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  October 2015  
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Upcoming Events
Date and Time: Oct 15, 2015
Date and Time: Oct 16, 2015
Category: Academic
Date and Time: Oct 22, 2015
Category: Academic
Date and Time: Nov 03, 2015
Category: Holiday

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School Closed for Students

Date and Time: Nov 25, 2015-Nov 27, 2015
Category: Holiday
Date and Time: Dec 18, 2015
Category: Academic
Date and Time: Dec 21, 2015-Dec 25, 2015
Category: Holiday